Privacy Policy


monzoom e.U., Dovskyg. 5/3, 1130 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter “monzoom e.U.”) stores and processes data at solely in keeping with the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000.


2. Stored data

monzoom e.U. stores the following personal data:

2.1 User data: All data that the Member enters during the course of their registration will be stored by monzoom e.U. as long as the Member is not deleted.

2.2 Data concerning orders: The orders placed by Members at will be stored together with the IP address of the Member and in conjunction with the user name and the internet browser used by the Member placing the order.        

2.3 Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of data that monzoom e.U. stores on the Member’s computer in order to be able to recognise it again.
monzoom e.U. stores no personal data with the cookies, but only an identification number in order to be able to recognise the Member again.

2.4 monzoom e.U. stores no additional data.

3. Right to object

Every Member on has the right to refuse to have their data stored. In this event the Member and their data will be deleted.

4. Data use

4.1 monzoom e.U. undertakes to protect the data against unauthorised access in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2000.

4.2 monzoom e.U. stores and uses the data entered and transmitted by the Member within the scope set out in the General

Terms and Conditions

Once a Member has been deleted, all personal data relating to the Member are also deleted.